Professionals Against Bullying

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


Today marks the 1st day of National bullying prevention month. I am often asked at what age should we talk to our kids about bullying and related behaviors. I am pleased to share that many pre-schools and early learning centers have asked me to read my books to their students and talk to parents about pro-social education. It is never too early to teach our kids to be kind. To share with them the importance of caring about others and to try to use practical examples to allow them to work on compassion development. As many of you know I have my own little tot and we are already working on feelings identification exercises. Bookstores and resource stores like Self-esteem shop carry many tools to begin this process. If we can teach young people early how to recognize emotions it is a great step in the process of pro-social learning. Does your center need assistance? Can your family benefit from a personal consultation on emotional understanding and prevention? Please let me know. This Friday I will be at Kindercare centers reading my picture book series to students and beginning the process of pro-social education. If you need an Unbully kit we send great resources through the mail that includes information, tools and resources that aid in prevention. -Read something great

Monday, September 29, 2014

New Season…New goals

Readers, The leaves are changing colors, cider is warm and the air is crisp and fresh. I hope that you are inspired. When changes occur in the environment it is the biggest reminder that nothing stays the same. What are you thinking about doing to shake things up in your life? Is there a project that you have been putting off? Do you need to finish that book that you keep starting and stopping? Take advantage of this time to invest in your own transition. This Fall I am looking forward to school visits, outreach events and I have a 3 day book signing weekend in Michigan at Barnes & Noble. Saturday October 11th I will be at the Rochester store from 11-1. On Sunday October 12th I am signing my collection at the Troy B&N from 4-6 and last but certainly not least I will be at the Northville & Haggerty Barnes & Noble highlighting my YA books. I hope to see you at one of these events or if you have time-all of them. I am really looking forward to celebrating this season as a mom with my one year old baby boy (or should I say toddler?). So far he is enjoying Fall walks, playmates and practicing coloring without eating the crayons...Just like grown-ups little ones constantly are changing too. I'd love to hear about your plans! Read something great.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Reading month reminders

What are you reading? Do you remember when you had to read? In school we were assigned chapters, books and reports that forced us to pick up a book and research. If you are no longer in school and have a job that does not require you to read-books may not be a top priority. Have you ever thought about assigning yourself a reading project? You could give yourself a chapter of a novel to journal about. You could read a book that you loved as a kid and compare how you feel about it now to how you felt as a kid. You decide! What will you read? How will you process it? If you have someone special in your life you could make it a joint endeavor. Reading month is not over-let's make it special. I read with my little guy everyday and it is our favorite past-time. -read something great

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Who is your Valentine?

This is the time when chatter turns to love. It is everywhere! People are planning special days, kids are making crafts and dances are popping up everywhere. How are you doing? Does this time of year make you think of a special someone? I created "I Love Myself Because" simply because I wanted little girls to love themselves. I wanted them to treasure all of the unique qualities about themselves that stand out and that may be surprising. I wanted them to love themselves because they are givers, they are kind, they are leaders, they are aware of their weaknesses. I did not want them to focus on a significant other when they thought about their reasons for loving themselves. Their is nothing wrong with having a crush or even a special someone. My point is that I want them to know that first and foremost they are a special someone. What are you doing this year? Regardless if you are spending Valentines day alone or with others-I have a bit of homework for you. Write a list of why you love yourself. It will make you smile. -Read something great

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Thankful and all of those fuzzy thoughts...

Ok Readers! This is the time to say than you. Feel thanks and give more! I agree that we should feel this way everyday but November is a nice reminder for us. What will you do to encourage, love, share, give and care? My goal was not to rhyme but it was to make you think. How can we make our selves better people by thinking of others a bit more? That sounds a little selfish doesn't it? Isn't it funny that when we give to those around us we truly give to ourselves? I give myself secret giving challenges and it is always ironic how I feel when I am not acknowledged for my kindness. Although it is great to be recognized for giving-isnt it better when we are not? It is better for our own hearts when a kind gesture is not rewarded because it challenges the true motive for being thoughtful. Do I give for others to say how sweet I am-or do I give because I should. Because it is needed. Because it is my belief that giving is better than receiving? Feel free to share your thoughts on my morning ramblings. Keep in mind we are headed into the season when everyone is expecting gifts and even kids are writing lists about what they would like to appear under their own proverbial and literal trees…how can we teach them to savor and cherish the message of the giving tree and appreciate sharing a bit more than thinking about what they would like to get. I have a lot to teach this little guy about giving back and he reminds me everyday why I should give without expectation. -Read something great

Thursday, October 17, 2013

October Blessings

I told many of you about my book signing weekend with the Big Brains Book fair at Barnes & Noble (Shelby Twp & Troy). It was an amazing experience to connect directly with readers and talk to them about my writing process, anti-bullying and my love for what I do. So many customers shared their own personal stories and talked to me about their goals, their experience with bullying and their own interest in my writing. Did you know that I will be back at Barnes in Noble in Troy on November 16th? Be sure to save the date-I would love to sign out one of my books for you! This week I was consumed with designing and presenting programs for local teachers, case workers, parents and many people in the mental health field. I connected with a nice bunch on Tuesday and will be able to meet with a different group tomorrow. It makes me feel good that people care about kindness and that they are willing to learn what they can do to make a difference. -Read something great

Friday, October 11, 2013

Let's catch up!

Please forgive my absence. It has been an eventful Summer. As many of you know I have been working on more books and lots of educational activities related to anti-bullying. This past season has been rewarding both professionally and personally because I was able to welcome a new family member into my life. My son was born in early September and he has been a complete joy to me. The more I connect with him the more I feel connected with the purpose of self-esteem, literacy and diversity education. My son is not even two months but I have already encountered adults saying that he will be teased when he gets to school because of his name. This made me think about how we should all be more careful with our words. If an adult is predicting that a baby's name is justifiably "teaseable"   does that set an example for kids to do it with vigor because his name is not a common one? In some ways do we set the stage for our young people to bully and be bullied? I have talked to so many kids and parents that have said they were teased around adults and that the solution was to grow thicker skin or to brush it off. I was just thinking at what point do we hold not only the perpetrator of bullying accountable for their actions but also those who witness it or justify it? I am excited because this weekend not only do I get to sign books at the Shelby Township Barnes & Noble (Sat. 4-6) and the Troy location (Sun. 4-6) but I also get to discuss anti-bullying and get others engaged in the topic.
-Read something great